Cynthia Holland


IgG testing such as ImuPro300 changed my life.

In my late 20s and all through my 30s, I suffered from erythema nodosum (red,warm and painful spots) on my arms and legs. I also suffered from psoriasis patches, frequent tonsillitis, but the worst was arthritis.

I though arthritis was for older people. When I researched arthritis, it meant “inflammation”. I had very painful arthritis in several different joints at different times – it would go away in one joint and then appear again in different joint. I also had severe cramping pain sometimes in my intestines. I also had constant and painful inflammation either in my skin or joints or intestines.

I endured many medical tests, fluid taken from my joints, pin-prick tests for allergies and they could find nothing (no rheumatoid arthritis, no gout, no rare form of cancer, no instant reaction allergies). I tried oral steroids but the side effects were so awful and I got so irritable so I refused to take them.

As a last resort, I visited a Naturopathic doctor who sent me for a blood test for IgG food sensitivities. IgG are antibodies that provide long term resistance to infections. IgG tests for levels of antibodies in relation to certain foods you eat. Certain foods your body thinks are “enemies”. However your body cannot fight these enemies, as it does not have the antibodies it needs. This lack of antibodies to certain foods is called food sensitivities. I learnt that reactions to certain foods can occur hours (and even days) after the offending food has been eaten. It results in inflammation and illness in your body some place. It made complete sense to me after I realised this.

After eliminating all the foods for which I had sensitivities, ALL The symptoms cleared up and I have not had any symptoms for over 15 years now. Even after the first month of eliminating the offending foods, I felt great, my skin cleared, my arthritis went away. I was also calmer, less irritable, had more energy and lost weight too.

I believe that everyone should get IgG tested for food sensitivities so that they know what foods work for their body and what foods don’t. I like to think of it as making sure you put the proper type of gas in your car – so your engine can purr!

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