Muscle & Joint Pain

  • Terry Wee – Singapore

    After I avoided gluten and most of the items that I am intolerant to [...]my knee joints are less stiff after sitting down for 1 hour or so.

  • Cynthia Holland – Singapore

    IgG testing (such as ImmuPro 300) changed my life. In my late 20s and all through my 30s I suffered from erythema nodosum (red, warm and painful spots) on my arms and legs.

  • A. V. – Germany

    "My blood pressure had increased dramatically, I had developed chronic gastritis, suffered from feeling sick frequently, diarrhoea, colic, heartburn, mood swings and I felt tired and weak."

  • Gaby Z. – Germany

    "I have been running from doctor to doctor for very different symptoms for five years."

  • Annemarie V. – Germany

    "My colleagues tell me that I am like a different person."