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Dedicated to unleashing TRUE WELLNESS from within and accompanying you with ImuPro on your way to better health

Our Promise

We exist in pursuit of an unwavering commitment to touch lives by advancing the use of leading medical diagnostic aids and technology to make a significant contribution to the quality of life of our patients and meeting the needs of our medical community in all locations that we serve.

Care and Responsibility is central to all we do – our heartbeat we relentlessly harness with a self - driven sense of urgency to all we serve.


Our Strategic Partnership

As the appointed principal provider of the ImuPro Test Series for Singapore and all Asia Pac Countries, in successful collaboration with R-Biopharm AG, we are experts when it comes to delayed food allergies. We offer you qualified support, individual guidance and reliable diagnostics made in Germany.

Benefit from our expertise and the ImuPro name

ImuPro is a market leader in the field of IgG food allergy diagnostics: We offer a convincing concept that combines a sophisticated and reliable blood analysis with our unique post-test guidance.

Our regional partners are like-minded companies that follow a holistic approach to health and believe in the benefits of personalized medicine, using ImuPro as a nutritional building block for their overall medical concept.

ImuPro is a well-known, trusted German product and one of the market leaders worldwide. ImuPro IgG food allergy testing has been available in Germany since 2000 and is now available in over 40 countries worldwide. More than 80,000 tests were performed with our plates and reagents in 2015 alone by patients and health professionals keen to get to the root of a number of problems, ranging from obesity and gastro intestinal problems to eczema, migraine and other chronic ailments commonly associated with delayed food allergy.

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