Maya Geller

I turned 30 a few months ago, and just now, after doing the ImuPro food allergy test, I can finally start living. When I was 12 years old, an itchy sensation spread up and down my little surprised body. It came from down south, between my legs – the perineum area. Nothing was there – no insect bite or rash and so began my journey to find the reason for the itchy invisible area that controlled my life. From the Primary Care Physician I went to a gynaecologist who referred me to a dermatologist and then to a gastroenterologist – they all had only one solution: steroids. I’ve been using the addictive cream to calm the area down but it wouldn’t heal the root cause of the itch. Alternative medicine such as Homeopathy, reflexology, different types of herbs and acupuncture didn’t bring me closer to a solution as well. From time to time I began thinking it’s all in my head and went to a therapist who determined I must learn to live with it.

The blood test results I got from the Imupro lab revealed the answer to my riddle – Gluten. An innocent protein that created a world where it’s hard to breathe, feel, think or sleep. A few days after cleaning my menu from all ingredients containing it – I was the owner of a healthy, itch free body!

Thank you for the key to my well being, and the light you shed upon 18 years of suffering, this test changed my life.

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